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West of Golden Gate, CA
September 21, 2003
photo: Sat Khalsa

Hi, I’m Felix Bachofner.  Thanks for visiting my personal site.

Where am I now and what am I doing next?

Spring - Fall, 2013


  • finish repairing our entry deck
  • finish repairs and completely sand the wood siding of our home
  • paint
  • refresh landscape
  • finally make some improvements to our bathroom and kitchen (tenants always come first!)

ongoing — 2013 and beyond


Play a lot with Kirsten and Lucian, continue to teach Kirsten Swiss German, get Lucian talking more and all experience a whole lot of other new things . . . and maybe finally update each of their websites with current photos!

Also, continue to make improvements on my income properties on California’s Monterey Peninsula.

Summer, 2014?


take Sat and the kids to Switzerland to visit family and friends

December, 2012


I finished my term as Mayor of Seaside, CA.  It’s time to catch up on everything else I didn’t have time for during 2010-2012.  [I spent an average of 45 hours per week doing the City’s business, which had tremendous opportunity costs for me and my family.]

I intend, however, to maintain significant involvement in City and regional policy making so that important improvements are not lost.

My administration balanced two budgets of Monterey County's second largest City without spending any reserves (i.e. structurally balanced). Previous administrations depleted $13.8 million of reserves over a period of 7 years.

The City now annually spends approximately $4 million less than previously -- yet services have increased. City Hall is once again open 5 days per week, police patrol and fire service is enhanced and planning and recreation staff are being increased.


Updates are very infrequent as I am busy with my business and varied personal interests.  Take a look at the portal for some examples.

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