Hi, I'm Felix Bachofner

Here's a brief, non-comprehensive rundown of some of the things important to me.

I am:

  • the father of two ridiculously cool kids (I know, every parent says that, sorry)
    • My daughter is turning 11 in the blink of an eye
    • My son is eight
  • the dedicated, 17+ year partner of their awesome Mom, Sat
  • a serial entrepreneur and small business owner (focused on applying technology to the marketing function of small and medium size businesses)
  • the former Mayor of Seaside, CA (Monterey County's second largest City -- on the coast just north of historic Monterey)
  • a prolific volunteer, primarily in the fields of Community management and development/building as well as education and the arts

This personal site was largely mothballed while my partner battled some health issues the past few years and I became even more involved in raising the kids. Now Sat is well again (hooray!) and I hope to again find some time to share my knowledge and my family's experiences on the public internet (and not a "walled garden" like Facebook or Instagram).

Thanks for visiting!