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About Links

External Links

Links to sites on domains other than FelixBachofner.com will always open in a new tab in your browser. Such links are indicated with a the external link indicator icon.

Why do this?

We have many elderly readers and have found that not enough visitors know how to open a new tab when doing research among the websites to which we link. If progressing linearly, these readers often have a tough time getting back to their original starting place and get frustrated by having to press the back button — potentially many times. A new tab is simple — just like opening another book on your research desk!

What will you notice

If you click a link from this site, you will stay on the same tab.

If you click a link from a different site, your browser window will immediately "spawn" (open) a new tab with that content. In most browsers the tab bar is at the top of this (your browser) window. Click the new tab to see the content from the other site. In rare cases the tab strip is along one of the sides or the bottom of the window.

On a phone or tablet, you can generally move among "tabs" by clicking a square (with a number inside it) next to the address bar

How to come back

Close the new tab when you are done with it . . . or just click again on the tab from this site. Each tab is names and in some browsers different sites even have different colors to help you find your tab.

Tab "cleanup"

Many computers are set up to delete all tabs when restarting the browser. In other cases, you may need to close tabs manually.

If you have too many tabs and they aren't self cleaning, press the "x" in the corner of the tab or press CTRL-W on your keyboard to close the active tab.