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About this Site (technology)

... a road paved with good intentions

I am moving to a flat file system for this long neglected site. Rather than generate pages statically with a platform like Hugo, I am experimenting with Grav.


In theory, this will enable things like site search and self-hosted comments (for the forthcoming blog) more easily.

Most importantly, it should be simple for me to have a "single source of truth" for my various writing on my home server. Based on frontmatter within my blog entries, I should then be able to automatically sync the files to relevant sites. Sometimes content will be automatically duplicated among sites as there is not necessarily overlap in readers but there is some overlap in topic interest.

Other Considerations

Doing this (sharing content among sites) with a database would be easy, but that approach loses the convenience of creating, editing and reviewing textual data with conventional text editing tools and use of the delightfully logical markdown format. [ In effect, markdown allows you to write HTML very quickly. ] Worse, it makes it significantly more difficult to quickly re-purpose content and also quite a bit harder to use features like shortcodes.

Arguably, system tools like grep and rsync / rclone will make it a solution almost equal in power to a document database and conceptually simpler.

Internal Troubleshooting

Even if I ultimately regret trying this, it should be relatively straightforward to get the data into a document database which is not reliant on the filesystem.